The following guidelines have been developed to enable everyone to understand the procedure followed for Memorial/Funeral Services.

The first section of these guidelines is to provide a list of services that St. Mark’s Lutheran Church can offer in support of the family and friends of a person who has passed on to life eternal.  Spiritual support for all of God’s people at the time of the loss of a friend or loved one is a vital part of our church’s mission.

We stand ready to provide the following services at the time of a death:

  1. The use of our church facilities to hold a Memorial/Funeral Service arranged by our Pastor in consultation with the family of the deceased. The church office phone number is (619) 427-5515.
  2. Prepare and print a basic worship program for the Memorial/Funeral Service.
  3. The Funeral Coordinator,  will contact and meet with the bereaved family.  If the family desires, Jacobson Hall may be used to hold a gathering after the Memorial/Funeral Service.  The family may cater food for a light meal.
  4. The Funeral Coordinator will assist the family in choosing hymns for the service and coordinating all other arrangements.
  5. If possible, the Pastor will notify the congregation of the death of a member and of arrangements for the Memorial Service at worship services and through use of the “Prayer Chain”.
  6. St. Mark’s will provide an organist /pianist for the Memorial Service.

7.   An audio technician will be provided.  Audio recordings of the Memorial/Funeral service may be available.     


Worship Space           $0

Organist                     $200

Pastor                         $250

Funeral coordinator  $100

Reception coordinator  $100

Custodian                  $50      +$75.00 if Jacobson Hall is used for a reception

Audio/Visual Tech                $100

It is customary that all fees be paid on or before the date of service.

Please make check payable to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.