At St. Mark’s we understand the importance of family and children, which is why we offer programs for children of all ages to learn about God’s love through our teaching and example. From toddlers to teenagers, your children will learn the importance of loving God and loving others through some of their most crucial years of growth and development, being comforted and encouraged the entire way.




Sunday School:

To compliment and support the weekly Bible lesson, we seek to provide well-rounded enrichment for the kids by also engaging them with art activities that encourage creative growth and are relative to the week’s lesson, playing fun games that keep them moving and/or thinking, giving them an opportunity every week to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings as well as providing opportunities to perform in front of an audience to help develop their social and speaking skills.


SEEKERS Youth Group:

In SEEKERS Youth Group, teenagers are encouraged to seek beyond the influences of the world around them in order to find truth and goodness and to discover what their role is in response to them. As well, we offer teenagers volunteer opportunities to serve their community (hours can be used to fulfill their mandatory community service hours for high school), we go on outings to places such as the Del Mar Fair, Disneyland, the beach, etc., and we host events including our world famous dodgeball tournament, rock/hip hop concerts, and lock-ins. Be sure to Like us on!



Sunday School:

Sundays: English / 9:30am – 10:00am

Spanish/ 10:50am- 12:00pm



Thursdays: 6:00pm – 8:30pm