SEEKERS Youth Group





Whether your hustle is aimed towards money, education, a boyfriend/girlfriend, partying, independence, etc., we can get to the roots of your desires and conclude that everyone is after one thing. In all honesty we are all after love. We assign many meanings to love as well as many ways to attain that love but often times those things that we are after leave us feeling empty. Our relationships take us up and then down, our family doesn’t always seem to get us and our friends can change like a revolving glass door. We must reason then that while our desires point us towards this one thing, love, there must be an authentic version out there somewhere. As we make our way through life we must constantly identify the counterfeits in order to find the Truth.


At SEEKERS Youth Group we are joined together in our journey to find that Truth. If you join us with an authentic heart, Truth will certainly make itself known to you and you will be able to better see and make your way through the many distractions of this world. ALL are welcome to join us no matter your beliefs, religion, status, orientation, etc. We are all people and we are all after the same thing, LOVE in TRUTH.


“…let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action” 1 John 3:18




T H U R S D A Y S  6:OO p.m. to 8:30 p.m.