Property Committee

013_13The Property Committee is a group of dedicated volunteer handymen, artisans, engineers, gardeners, landscape designers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, and hard workers of all ages willing to serve together to keep our church looking spiffy. If you have a special skill that you’re willing to share we would love to have you join us. Contact us at

If you want to leave a message for the Property Committee you can email us or leave a comment below.

Recent accomplishments: Projects:

1.  December:  Replaced defective florescent lamps and defective ballasts in Sanctuary.


1.  George & Bob met with BURGIO STUCCO to acquire PROPOSAL for “OUT  buildings.

Stucco contract.

2.  Investigated and repaired several AUDIO SYSTEM problems.  Still have a few to fix.


1.  Replaced several incandescent and florescent lamps and ballasts.

2.  Removed old florescent fixture in front office and installed new fixture.


Future Projects:

1.  Repair door locks on JACOBSON HALL.

2.  Repair & paint ROSE GARDEN fence.  Property Committee & Boy Scouts.

3.  Clean carpet in lower level of CHURCH.

4.  Install new windows in two classrooms on south side of patio.