It’s back again! We are gearing up for our 7th annual dodgeball tournament taking place on Saturday, August 12th. If you’re not in dodgeball shape, now is the time to prepare your throwing and dodging skillzzzz! This event is FREE and all are welcome. We have middle school, high school, and adult divisions.














Faith Lutheran Church 

St. Mark’s  would like to thank the youth group from Madison, Minnesota, Pastor Kirk and his adult volunteers who worked hard cleaning and painting Jacobson Hall and the youth room.












Eagle Scout Project

St. Mark’s would like to thank the Boy Scouts for the hard and talented work building a beautiful gazebo in our garden!
God bless you!

You can find more pictures in  our Facebook by clicking the icon below.















Easter Portraits

Our easter portraits 2017 are ready! You can find your portraits on our Facebook by clicking the icon below.











Garage Sale 2017 

Many thanks are in order to all those who contributed to another successful garage sale. Thank you to the many who donated items to the youth and to those who rented spaces. Because of your generosity and hard work, the youth group will benefit greatly.They are greatly appreciative of your constant support.

Lastly, thank you to the youth group for all the work you did to prepare and help make this another successful garage sale!














It is that time of year again for St. Mark’s annual garage sale! It’s success has made it a yearly fixture so, whether you are looking to downsize/make some extra money or are in need of some treasures or love the hunt of garage sales, you are welcome to join us in the fun!

If you are looking to sell, we are offering two parking spots on the lower lot for $20 dollars (that’s right in view of traffic outside of the church). Set up will be at 6:00 am and the event will begin at 7:00 am and run until noon. This year we are asking that upon the conclusion of the event that you please take your left over items. This will be of great help for us as we clean up. Call the number below and we will take your reservation 619-427-5515

*If you are looking to downsize but can’t make it to the sale, we will be happy to accept donations at the church starting May 27th until the day of the garage sale. We will pick up items if need be!*






Sunday School Presentation 2017 

In case you would like to watch it again and share it, here is the Sunday school department’s 2017 Easter presentation.








Pastor Kate Schlechter is contracted with St. Mark’s to serve as the shut-in visitation pastor. A graduate of Luther, St. Paul, Minnesota class of 1993, she is the permanently called part-time pastor of Atonement Lutheran Church on Eckstrom Ave. in San Diego. Pastor Kate loves to bring Holy Communion, conversation and the latest in Biblical stories to all those who are unable to attend worship on Sunday mornings. Each visitation is geared toward the individual needs of the parishioner.  To reach Pastor Kate please call the church office, or send an email requesting a visit. Her schedule is flexible and can meet with you based on your specific request.  In her free time, Pastor Kate is expanding her degree in marriage and family therapy by studying for a Ph.D. in analytical psychology and mythology.  Invite her for a visit, she guarantees there will be lots to chat about!