Building Use Guidelines

Special Events & Rental

Call 619-427-5515 or email the church office  after reading this page to get application.


1.         Application for use of facility should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance of the date of the function.
2.         Application will not be accepted earlier than one (1) year prior to the event.

3.         The applicant whose name appears on the Facility Use Agreement will be held responsible for group use. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age and be present at the facility throughout the entire event.

4.         Fees will be assigned and date reserved upon request.  The “Request for Facility Use” and “Hold Harmless Agreement” forms, along with a security deposit of ½ fees, must be received within the following five working days.

5.         The balance of the fees are due one week prior to event.  Personal checks made payable to “St. Mark’sLutheranChurch” are accepted.

6.         All changes in facility use arrangements must be coordinated with the Church Office Manager.
7.         Multiple use agreements will be reviewed quarterly.



The building gratuities for use of our facilities are as follows:

Private Functions Sponsored by Church Members in Jacobson Hall (such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc.)

$75.00 for the first three hours (or portion thereof); $25.00 for each additional hour.  There is also a $50.00 custodial fee for set-up & lock-up.  Total: $125 for 3 hours


Community Service Programs/Ministries in Jacobson Hall (such as Glory Lutheran Church, AA, etc.)
Donations accepted. ($50.00 custodial charge if no clean-up done by group.)


Community Service Programs in the Lower Level (such as MS Group, etc.)
No charge if they do their own cleanups, otherwise a $50.00 custodial charge


Church Group use of Lower Level

There is no charge for church group use of the Lower Level nor for their Christmas parties and other special group events.


Project Hand, etc.

Some fees may be negotiable at the discretion of the Church Council, depending upon the need of the group.


Kitchen Use by Church Members or Non-Church Groups

Use and gratuity to be determined by the Women of the ELCA Kitchen Committee. The Kitchen Committee has their own use policy for the kitchen.


We require a Hold Harmless Agreement. This document will need to be on file in the office two (2) weeks prior to the event.  The church is not liable for accidents, injuries, or loss of personal property in connection with any of its facilities.


1.         The church and church sponsored activities shall have first priority.

2.         Community service organizations may then be considered, provided the group is involved in an endeavor consistent with the aims of the church and provide a 501-C (tax exempt statement for a non-profit organization).

3.         Use of facilities shall be for religious, educational, or other community oriented non- profit groups, in order for the church to qualify for tax-exempt status and, in all cases, be contingent upon availability of such facilities without conflict to the organizational life of the church.

4.         Any person, or group, desiring to use church facilities must complete a “Request for Building Use” and “Hold Harmless Indemnity” form, available in the church office.  The church is not liable for accidents, injuries, or loss of personal property in connection with any of its facilities.



  1. Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the interior of the facility.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any part of our facilities.  (Exception is the use of sacramental wine in religious ceremony)
  3. The kitchen may be used for the heating and serving of food only.  Church owned kitchen equipment (i.e. plates, utensils, coffee carafes, etc.) is not available for use by renting group, unless special permission is made in advance with the WELCA Kitchen Committee.  Private parties must supply their own paper goods.
  4. All caterers must have a San Diego County Health Permit.
  5. No equipment may be removed from the area.
  6. No equipment may be borrowed or taken by members for private use outside of the church property. This includes tables, chairs, tablecloths, carafes, coffee pots, coolers, etc.
  7. Music may not be audible for more than 50 feet outside the facility (CVMC 2.55.85). In addition, all Disc Jockeys (DJ’s) must possess a business license from the City ofChula Vista.
  8. All electronic sound producing and/or amplifying equipment must be turned off and disconnected at10:00 PM.
  9. The facility closes at10:30 PM.  The facility must be cleaned and completely vacated by that time.


1.         Applicant responsible for providing our Office Manager or Custodian with set-up instructions for tables and chairs.  Clear aisles to all doors designated “exit” must be maintained at all times.

2.         Groups utilizing the facility are responsible for the application and complete removal of all their decorations.

3.         No decorations of any kind may be attached to any part of the facility or facility equipment with tacks, staples, glue, tape, etc.

4.         The use of confetti, birdseed, rice, etc (for throwing) is prohibited.



At the end of an event, groups are responsible for the following:

1.         Cleaning of all equipment used.

2.         Cleaning of any counter areas used.

3.         Cleaning and wiping of all table tops used.

4.         Cleaning of any floor or carpet areas soiled or dampened (sweeping, mopping spills)

5.         All trash placed in trash cans provided.

6.         Removal of all supplies, personal articles, displays, decorations, etc.

7.         Responsible for any damages.



Groups using our facilities for overnight stays will be housed in Jacobson Hall.  The ratio of adult sponsors to young people will be as follows:

College Age: ONE sponsor for everyTEN young adults

High School Age: ONE sponsor for every EIGHT students

Jr. High/Middle School:ONE sponsor for every SIX students

A contract spelling out all requirements must be signed in advance.  Permission to use kitchen and Jacobson Hall will be made by the Office Manager in the Church Office.

(rev. 5-08)